Spectrum Intelligence Group

"Intelligence provides a 'decision advantage' intended to prevent surprise, capitalize on emerging opportunities, neutralize threats or provide time to adapt to a changing situation."  Dr. Mark Lowenthal

Protecting Trade Secrets

​Corporate espionage is a growing threat to businesses not only overseas but here at home.

How to Choose a Security Advisor

​Do you know how to pick a security advisor that has your best interests in mind?

Is my business vulnerable to attacks?

With today's threat environment it's hard to know if your security is adequate.

In The News

What is your decision advantage?

If you don't know, you need the spectrum intelligence group.


Surprise is not what you want your business to be confronted with. You can't afford to be surprised by what you did not know about an employee, a potential executive hire, a major customer or a business acquisition. That is why you need the Spectrum Intelligence Group as a member of your team. We provide you the background information you need before you make that critical decision. 

The Spectrum Intelligence Group is more than an information provider, it is a solution provider. We can provide international situational awareness and provide solutions to potential threats identified. Your business consists of many components that requires a holistic approach to security planning and execution. Your business needs the full Spectrum advantage. 

We Provide the decision advantage